Devil’s Dyke Shoot With The Work Experience Girls

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Work Experience Trip

Dog Photo Shoot at Devil's Dyke, Devil’s Dyke Shoot With The Work Experience Girls

This February, the studio welcomed Zena to the studio for her work experience from Brighton Metropolitan College.

Here’s some highlights of our trip to Devils Dyke


doggies at devil’s dyke

The highlight of this week was taking a trip to Devils Dyke with my two Cavaliers, Dolly and Vogue.

Joining us on the walk was Zena and my Niece Connie, who is also studying full time photography at Brighton MET.

It was windy I can tell you that! But a great location for photographing dogs due to its stunning scenery and opportunities.

We managed a couple of hours of sunshine where the students where able to practice their poses and camera settings with the dogs. They learnt how to control (trick) the dogs into doing what we wanted and how to get them positioned.

It was challenging weather conditions with the sun and clouds moving so much so we experimented using a combination of off-camera flash and natural light. It was great to respond to the student’s questions and suggestions and we came away with lots of very classic vs action portraits.

The dogs certainly enjoyed their walk and treats and I think it’s safe to say the students did too as we finished in the Devil’s Dyke pub for a hot chocolate – definitely what we needed to warm up!


This location was actually where I carried out some of my own training with the great dog photographer Rhian White. I cannot t thank Rhian enough for opening the door of location photography to me, and creating the timeless portraits of my late Winston.

Lets face it and not forget that our dogs won’t be around for ever, so don’t ever forget them.