Two Little Birdies

by | May 29, 2010 | Weddings

As the sun shone down on these two little birdies, Lisa and Lulu finally tied the knot at Brighton and Hove Town Hall.

Now I know I always say that rain never comes to a wedding I shoot, but I NEVER expected a day like this! From the ceremony, right though to the reception and a special hand binding ceremony of the Bandstand, the sun blessed us with its rays. There’s also nothing like going from locations on my wee little scooter with the sun on my back to beat the Brighton traffic!

But back to the girls!
It was an emotional and heartfelt ceremony with two most heartfelt readings, in fact I would like to read ‘my darling’ again if the lady who read it out so beautifully wouldn’t mind?!? It was a nice balance to the humorous theme led by Lisa and Lulu – they don’t take life too seriously!
During the signing of the register, beautiful background music was played by the Bridesmaid, Louise on her solo clarinet, well done. I’m sure the photographer isn’t supposed to cry at weddings, but this was a hard one not too!

I wasn’t sure if the ‘Big Lemon Bus’ was a play on the Civil Partnership itself, but that’s how my mind was led to believe, and what a way to arrive in style when all the guests arrived at the Grandville Hotel for a Champaign reception!

Guests where able to mingle and socialise in the Grandville’s lovely seafront garden, which also played host to many of our group shots. I would at this point like to say just how welcoming and friendly the staff was 🙂

But what a better front garden than the sea its self, so off I went with Lisa and Lulu to the West Pier for some romantic, lovey-dovey shots. They didn’t need any encouragement when it came to snogging the whole time – I didn’t know where to put my camera!

After the food and some emotional speeches, the whole wedding party strolled (merrily at this point) to the Hove Bandstand for a special ‘Hand Binding Ceremony’ which bought together by the elements

Lisa and Lulu faced each other and joined right hand to right hand and left hand to left hand and were bound by a ceremonial wrap. This is where the expression ‘tying the knot’ really comes from!

Thank you to Lisa, Lulu all the friends and family, and Ed the white suit wearer, (wouldn’t want to leave you out) for inviting me back for a drinkies and making it a day I will never forget, as it will be for you too.


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