What shall I bring ?

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Thank you for giving us the opportunity of capturing this beautiful stage of your life – the period of time when you are carrying your new baby.

 We want to photograph you as a beautiful, powerful lady, nurturing this new life that will soon make an entrance into the world.

Our style of photography is very relaxed and informal. That’s how we want you to feel too!


You can involve the use of various props for your shoot. For example your favourite flowers (sunflowers, rose petals). Floaty clothing and drapes work well and if you have a cute baby grow, baby’s first socks, dummy or even baby scan to hand these can work great in your photos too, trust us, we’re not mad!

 Maternity wear is fine to come along in, this symbolises the stage of life you are at.
Be mindful of your underwear.  We recommend you bring one white/nude and one black matching set. To show off your bump you may need to be showing the bra area, so make sure you are wearing one that you like!  

Whilst we can supply a couple of maternity dresses and fabric, we are happy for you to bring along clothes/props you may like to include in your sitting.
We do recommend keeping these plain and not patterned.

Your partner and/or your other children are very welcome to attend the photo shoot.  

Pregnancy is so natural and more often than not, that’s the way we are asked to shoot it – bare skin natural tones. Don’t worry we won’t be stripping you down to your skinnies, we use drapes, hands and props to cover areas you may not want on show.

We generally carry out the shoot in bare foot… don’t worry, no one’s looking at your feet, it just looks more natural in the shots, so unless your footwear is one of your props, it is not an important part of your attire.

Most importantly, we would like you to feel as comfortable as possible, so please just be yourself!

Have look through the gallery below to see what our customers and brought in and worn…


What people say…

, what-to-bring-B2B


“Faye took some absolutely stunning pictures of my girls and us as a family which are truly amazing. The children loved her and the experience, in fact they didn’t want to leave when it was time to go. Always having so much fun :). Would thoroughly recommend – truly professional and welcoming.”


The Gibbs Family, Lancing.


“I was initially daunted at the prospect of having a family photo, I had visions of long periods of standing very still trying to produce a believable smile… Boy was I wrong it was such a great experience!”


The Stojanovski family, Brighton.