What shall I bring ?

, What to bring to my photo shoot

There’s no better way to celebrate the family than through photography!

That’s why at Phase Photography, we offer a style which is unique because you are unique. We want to bring out the real you with amazing natural expressions. We don’t do contrived poses, we do fun with a twist of style and class.

Our style of photography is very relaxed and informal. That’s how we want you to feel too!


We have a changing room here so please come dressed in what your would like to start your photo shoot in, and bring a change of outfit with you. Clothes are a great way to show off your personalities, individuality and culture. Why not bring an out fit that is fairly relaxed such as jeans and a nice top, then something more dressy for the latter part, or even traditional costumes?

Brightly coloured clothes work best in the studio as we have a white background, although that does not mean white or pale clothes aren’t allowed… it’s your session, your call!

For the children, Brownie and Scout uniforms always look great as do football kits and ballerinas. Not forgetting the Superhero and fairy outfits!

We generally carry out the shoot in bare foot… don’t worry, no one’s looking at your feet, it just looks more natural in the shots, so unless your footwear is one of your props, it is not an important part of your attire.


We strongly encourage you and your family to bring along with you items that reflect you as a family, or anything that you have in common together or individually. This may include items around sport, fashion, playing, music records, dressing up tea sets, ANYTHING!

Toys are always a winner to help children settle in and relax. How about little one’s favourite dinosaur or teddies?
For older families have a think about what you like to do together. As an example, if it was my family photo shoot, we would (have!) brought in our ukuleles and a bottle of bubbles plus the dogs of course.

There is plenty of space to run around and have fun at the studio, so your experience is only limited by your imagination!

Most importantly, we would like you to feel as comfortable as possible, so please just be yourself!

Have look through the gallery below to see what our customers and brought in and worn…


What people say…

, What to bring to my photo shoot


“Faye took some absolutely stunning pictures of my girls and us as a family which are truly amazing. The children loved her and the experience, in fact they didn’t want to leave when it was time to go. Always having so much fun :). Would thoroughly recommend – truly professional and welcoming.”


The Gibbs Family, Lancing.


“I was initially daunted at the prospect of having a family photo, I had visions of long periods of standing very still trying to produce a believable smile… Boy was I wrong it was such a great experience!”


The Stojanovski family, Brighton.