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Faye Collyer Rolls

Faye is the founder and director of Phase Photography (Faye – Phase – get it?)

The leap to go solo came after many years working for photography studios in the West Country area, this included Venture Portraits where she was head photographer before returning to her roots in the South.

Over the last 9 years, Faye has grown a reputable business which now thrives on recommendation from its happy wedding and portrait customers.

Unlike other photographers you may have looked at, Faye has an understanding and familiarity that is evident in the diversity of her clients and work.

Faye completed Licentiate qualifications with both the British Institute of Professional Photographers and the Master Photographers Association in 2009 – a massive achievement and benchmark of professional excellence (LBIPP LMPA).

Since 2010, Faye has annually been collecting awards for her wedding and portrait photography. Our most recent being the Kallikids ‘Best Family Service’ winner 2014!

Other Qualifications include Diploma of Higher Education (DipHE – Food Photography),
Professional Diploma in Photography (PdipP – Venture Portraits)
Diploma in Photography Business with the Master Photographers Association (DipPB)

Claire Bond

From joining the team in September 2009, on just a three month contract, Bondy still here and an invaluable member of the team. She shoots, she views, she laughs – can’t get her to mop the floor or empty the bin yet though!

Bondy previously worked as a photographer for Olan Mills and Style Director for Venture Portraits where she gained her Diploma in Professional Photography (PdipP). Bondy is an enthusiastic professional with an extensive knowledge of the photographic industry. Professionalism and supreme quality come as standard for any services she provides.

Her enthusiasm and flair lies in photographing people, right through from studio portraiture to music gigs . Combining this with her relaxed, friendly and approachable personality, you get a connection between camera and subject that results in aspiring and imaginative photographs.






2012-11-30 Posh Bogs-web


Winston is our studio pet and an irreplaceable member of the team.

He is a 6 year old Blenheim King Charles Spaniel who’s main responsibilities are to keep a high staff moral and to entertain the children.

AKA (some of his names that he responds to) Bogs, Boggles, Boggle-eye Jo, Jo, Frodie, Winstonian, Dongles, Winnifrodo, Winnifred, Rat Dog, The Gremlin, Boggalicious.

Winston has his own voice and songs that he recognises. Some to send him to sleep and others to play and box to. In our opinion Winston is one of us, a real live human.

With that in mind Winston would like to point out that he is in fact carrying his winter coat at the moment and not getting fat, he is a bit touchy about this subject as a few people have pointed out. He also gets quite upset when people comment on his boggle eyes which are obviously really boggley and doesn’t need reminding.

He likes to snore really loudly, long walks with Jen, going to Nanny’s and jumping on the bed when mummy Rolls has gone to work. Other interests include, tug-tug, crack-crack, teddy, bed, din-dins, he also goes mental for ham.

Winston loves children and doesn’t even mind when they pull his ears and tail or poke his boggley eyes.

While Winston spends most of the working day asleep squashed behind Faye or Bondy on the chair, sometimes he makes it onto his work bed for some more zzzz’s.

Qualified puppy training at Waggy Tails Day Care Centre !

I would like to point out that Winston is the most soppy, harmless little man in the world who would not jump or startle anyone. However if you have any fears, allergies or are coming in with other animals that do not like dogs, just let us know and we will pop him upstairs.


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